The world that Clean Ocean Ensemble aims


〜 The world we aim 〜

For zero marine waste


〜 Our mission 〜

Collect existing marine waste and reduce new marine waste

About the organization name

We named it Clean Ocean Ensemble.
We chose this name with the hope that we can all work together to make a beautiful sea.

The marine waste problem is becoming more serious all over the world. This problem is complicated by thoughts and actions of every person in the world.

This problem is so big that it’s hard to realize how your actions relate to it.
First, let’s get to know the reality and this problem. And we think it’s important to take action, even if it’s small.

It will be a great help if more people think about the marine waste problem and take action with one person or one person.
It would be great if we could increase the number of friends who can make the beautiful sea by letting them know about our activities.

We believe that it is important to consider various approaches, continue trial and error, and sustain effective activities.

Let’s maek to clean the sea “Ensemble”.