For solving marine waste problems

Clean Ocean Ensemble works across disciplines and in collaboration with various stakeholders to develop the following two activities.

1.Marine waste
2.Environmental education

Marine waste

Collecting previously abandoned marine debris

We are challenging difficult areas that are necessary to solve the marine debris problem but have not been able to do so for technical and cost reasons.
We are developing three activities in the marine litter business.
Development of collection technology: Fixed net type drifting litter collection device. Parachute-type fishing recovery equipment.
Survey: Recording the amount and composition of collected materials. Identification of hot spots and investigation of drifting conditions. Marine litter drift route mapping survey.
Beach cleanup: Monthly beach cleanup “ocean cleaning ensemble” with sorting and surveying.

Environmental education

Reduce the amount of waste that will be released into the ocean in the future.

Approximately 80% of marine litter is land-based runoff. Reducing litter on land leads to reducing litter in the ocean. We will use the on-the-spot knowledge we have gained through our marine litter business to educate people.
In our environmental education business, we are developing three activities.
Lectures: Lectures on marine litter issues in general and online lectures (for students and adults) on our activities.
Workshops: “Upcycling fishing tackle ensembles” to create original rods from disused fishing rods (held irregularly).
Dissemination: SNS, press releases, media interviews, outbound collaboration, etc.