Support Clean Ocean Ensemble

There are various ways that you can support Clean Ocean Ensemble. For example donations, volunteers and dissemination of information via SNS. In addition, there are different types of donations, we are grateful for all our supporters from all over the world, who have helped us get closer to our mission of zero waste in the ocean.

Support us with a donation

Aiming for a world with zero marine debris, we are working with local fishermen to establish efficient and sustainable methods of collecting drifting and seabed debris. We are working with universities and research institutions while also emphasizing scientific research, and we are strengthening our partnerships with recycling and upcycling companies, organizations, and individuals so that the marine debris we collect can be reused. By disseminating this challenge, we will involve more people in the population that we have not been able to involve before, and we will work to solve the marine debris problem as an ensemble by sharing the roles and responsibilities. Please support our activities and organization by making a donation.

Acting as volunteer staff

We are still a small organization when it comes to the big issue of marine litter. We would like to develop our activities with the help of many people, each of whom can bring their own strengths to the table and involve as many people as possible.
As pro bono staff, you can choose from three ways to get involved depending on your circumstances and abilities. We hold a monthly pro bono information session called “Pro Bono Information Session Ensemble”, so please feel free to contact us through the Contact Us page!。