Think not only about the marine debris we have now, but also about the marine debris we will have in the future.

We believe that it is important not only to collect the garbage we have now, but also to reduce the amount of garbage that will be released into the ocean in the future.

We always produce garbage in our daily lives. We will provide environmental education opportunities for people to think together about how the garbage we casually throw away reaches the ocean, how we can reduce marine litter, and how we can solve the marine litter problem.

Through lectures, workshops, and dissemination, we intend to involve more and more people to solve the marine litter problem in ensemble.

By educating and disseminating practical marine litter projects that are not superficial, Clean Ocean Ensemble is challenging to increase the number of people who can think about marine litter issues and put them into practice in their respective roles.

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General Activities and Founding Stories

How should we tackle the SDGs?

How should each of us tackle the marine litter problem?

How should we collaborate with other sectors to tackle common issues?

What kind of efforts are needed to change the social system, etc…

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Program: Participants will create one-of-a-kind original rods by combining disused fishing tackle. After the workshop, you will receive your own rod as a gift.

Time: 3 hours

Please contact us for details as the workshop is held irregularly.

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