Participate in volunteers

<Three types>

(1) Management/core members: Leaders of each department, candidates for deputy leaders. In particular, we have strengthened our collection technical team, research team, and back-office management departments. Those who can manage the progress of each team’s goals, pro bono management, and communicate for at least 30 minutes every day.

(2) Spot members: Those who have a sense of responsibility to take over part of the work of each team leader in their respective areas of expertise (public relations, grant applications, donation calls, report work, etc.). Can work for more than 1 hour a day a week, have no problems communicating with members, and respond quickly (within 24 hours).

(3) Yuru Support Members (those who want to get involved loosely): Main duties include following various official SNSs and spreading the word. A sub-business is the monthly supporter’s voice to acquaintances and friends. Spot work such as beach cleaning and workshop event participation.

→ First of all, please start by following all official SNS and spreading loosely. In order to increase the number of followers on SNS and increase the number of people who are interested in the marine litter problem and take action, we need to increase our influence. When you need the power of spreading, please help us spread it all at once.

*Those who do not live in Shodoshima are expected to interact online. After considering the business results, etc., it is possible to change the way of involvement from pro bono to outsourcing or full-time paid staff if desired.

Message from Clean Ocean Ensemble representative

We have been supported by so many people so far, and thanks to all of you, we have been able to continue our activities until now.

However, there are still challenges to be overcome.

Here is what you can do to realize a world with zero marine litter.

Let’s challenge with Ensemble!

CEO Yuki Egawa

Job opening

Marine waste

(1) Technology Development Team: Must be able to contribute to the team to achieve the team’s goals. Support for drawing of recovery equipment (online available), support for fabrication of on-site equipment, support for application for demonstration permit (online available), support for installation of on-site equipment & progress observation

(2) Research team: Field data acquisition support, data analysis support (online acceptable), research results presentation support (online acceptable), drift route & mapping support by reflecting on-site raw data on Google map (online acceptable).

(3) Beach cleanup team (management): Coordination support for all parties involved, publicity support for event announcements, equipment and supplies support, logistics support, on-site explanations and follow-up support for participants, measurement support, data collection support, SNS transmission support.

Environment education

(1) Lecture: Preparation, scheduling, and coordination support for delivery or online lectures, support for lecturers or instructors, and support for preparation of consumables and equipment.

Workshop: Preparation, schedule coordination support, planning support, instructor or trainer support, and supplies and equipment preparation support.

Administration (operations and back office)

(1) General Affairs Team: Support for preparation and coordination of meetings and events, preparation of reporting documents, etc.

(2) Public Relations Team: Support for SNS management, content creation (especially short videos), transmission, dissemination, article creation, and interview support, etc.

(3) Accounting Team: Support for corporate account management, account registration, acquisition and management of invoices and receipts, etc. (4) Human Resources Team: Support for pro bono work.

(4) Human Resources Team: Support for preparation and holding of pro bono recruitment meetings, scheduling of pro bono applicants, management of recruitment flow, etc.

(5) Fundraising Team: Support for grant applications, corporate donation sales, and individual donations (monthly supporters).